West Palm Beach Waterfront

This Landscape as Public Art project encompasses 12.5 acres along ½ mile of the Lake Worth Lagoon. A destination landscape that includes a Commons Park, Community Pavilion, Water, Fragrant and Sonic Gardens, Landing and Beach, Esplanade, South Cove Walkways, an environmentally innovative ‘Living Dock’, and Boat Piers reconnects downtownreconnects downtown to the waterfront.

As with any great project, a large diverse team of professionals contributed to the final result. Studio Sprout collaborated with a world class artist, Michael Singer Studios, local landscape architects Sanchez and Maddux, a local developer, city officials, and urban planners to create the new waterfront for West Palm Beach City.

“This visionary collaboration has resulted in the design of an incomparable environmentally sensitive waterfront and public gathering place that will become our “City Commons” (and)…. has provided us with an active and vibrant downtown waterfront that will distinguish our city as a world class destination.” Mayor of West Palm Beach – Lois Frankel

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