About Sprout


To foster a connection between natural elements, the senses, the psyche, and the soul.


Can a verb be a logo? We see SPROUT as the spirit of our work at Studio Sprout. It embodies the miracle and amazing power of nature; a vibrant green that emerges from the simple act of placing an object in moist sunlit soil. Research shows that by connecting to nature – living things and landscapes – our stress is reduced, we are mentally and physically healthier, we learn more, and we get along with others better.


Studio Sprout is dedicated to evidence-based design and sustainability. Connie Roy-Fisher, ASLA founded our design studio in 1983 and has a history of achievement and recognition for her work on public and private projects. Connie frequently lectures on evidence-based healthcare design and sustainable landscape techniques for South Florida. The firm works as both prime consultant and as part of an integrated interdisciplinary team offering expert advice on built projects of distinction.

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