Landscape Architecture to inspire

restore, revitalize and renew personal and environmental well-being.

The mission of Studio Sprout is to connect people to nature through inspiring, creative and sustainable landscape architecture. A large and growing body of research shows that how a landscape architect designs outdoor spaces can improve health and well being. Our landscape architecture Studio is committed to innovative design for personal and environmental health; this gives our design practice meaning.

The intention of our landscape designs are to distill and amplify the qualities of nature: water, wind, stone, plants, light, the seasons and the sky; to reveal their changing quality or to contrast their stability against the changing quality of something else.
The viewers and inhabitants of these landscapes relate to these encounters in many different ways and on different levels; creating experiences that enrich people’s lives: what they see, feel hear and smell and how they see, feel, hear and smell the world around them.

While our Studio‘s catalyst is a creative and sustainable landscape design idea, our roots are in the construction and installation industry. As landscape architects with thousands of built projects, many of them award winning, we understand the processes involved in getting things built. Our landscape architecture services range from conceptual planning, funding analysis, program development through construction documentation, permitting and maintenance programming; the goal of our master planning projects are a built reality. Our studio has been recognized by the American Institute of Architects, Palm Beach Chapter as the Landscape Architect of the Year 2013 for exemplifying interest, ingenuity and outstanding performance which enhances the architectural built environment. Creative and sustainable techniques in our landscape architectural designs from Palm Bach, Florida to Bethesda Maryland to Los Angeles California support personal and environmental health.

Government & Public

Federal • State and Local Projects
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Patient-Centered evidence based design for
outdoor environments.
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Elegant • Sophisticated • Relaxing
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Unique landscapes for unique clients.
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