Plant a Seed

Evidence based design requires the use of peer reviewed research to inform designs. In order to stay abreast of current research and share our discoveries with our clients, SPROUT develops white papers and continuing education classes on a variety of healthcare and sustainable topics.

Evidence based design also involves research associated with a design hypothesis; the highest level of achievement is when this research is shared with others. A post occupancy evaluation (POE) is the examination of the effectiveness of a designed environment in fulfilling a design hypothesis: does the design support its intended purpose? This insight on how a current design is or isn’t functioning can inform future designs. As funds and timing permit, SPROUT is dedicated to examining the effectiveness of design techniques and sharing that information to better inform the healthcare design industry.

Education, research and evaluations are necessary tools for achieving balance between personal, environmental and financial health and sustainability. SPROUT offers resources to inform and facilitate the design process with our clients.

Publications & Evaluations

Learn about the benefits of healing gardens, specific garden types and how to find funding for gardens at healthcare facilities.

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