Nu Vista Garden at Wellington Green

“It’s my home” is a wonderful compliment for any assisted living facility. An important part of any home is the garden. The gardens designed for Nu Vista Wellington exemplify how meaningful and purposeful activities set in comfortable settings can draw residents outdoors. A growing body of research clearly shows that engaging in activities in appropriately designed outdoor settings can improve overall health and wellness.

A “backyard” garden offers a variety of sitting areas for residents to relax and socialize with friends and family in a lush and green setting. A foyer space connects two indoor public spaces, the dining room and activity room, encouraging residents to walk outdoors and pick fresh herbs on their way to lunch. Citrus trees emit a wonderful scent and provide an added opportunity to pick fruit with grandchildren. A comfortable gathering space shaded by an overhead trellis catches breezes, offers a lovely view and is the ideal setting for bridge games, small concerts and barbecues. A variety of garden ornaments subtly mark walking distances to encourage exercise and support intergenerational conversations

A “working” garden links a traditional indoor rehabilitation therapy clinic to an outdoor environment, significantly expanding the indoor therapy space into a unique, attractive, and motivating setting. Garden elements are designed to replicate a typical home environment and have significant therapeutic value for both residents and clinicians. . A deck includes a ramp and steps to address ambulatory skills. A variety of planters and garden beds set at varying heights enable residents to sit or stand to address fine motor, strength, and balance goals. Railings and parallel bars seamlessly integrated into the garden support a variety of therapeutic exercises. Trees, trellises, and retractable awnings provide ample shade, which along with a variety of flowering plants that attract butterflies make this working garden an inviting and motivating alternative venue for residents to engage in occupational and physical therapy programs.

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