150 Worth Avenue

The scale of Worth Avenue is based on human dimensions: ceilings that relate to human height and pavement widths that accommodate two people walking and talking together.  Walls can provide a sense of enclosure, but it is the height of the ceiling or canopies overhead that define shelter and intimacy, making a space feel comfortable or uncomfortably open or oppressive.  Other factors that affect scale are the shape, color and pattern of surrounding surfaces, the shape and location of openings, and the nature and scale of elements within in the space.

Studio Sprout was commissioned to examine existing conditions of 150 Worth Avenue, formerly known as the Esplanade, to recommend elements that would integrate the landscape of this easternmost block of Worth Avenue into the established fabric of this destination shopping setting.

Salt tolerant plantings now architecturally delineate spaces and define views and entries, rhythmically complimenting existing features.  A variety of Tuscan pottery and specially designed and crafted cast stone planters seamlessly mingle with existing glazed containers reiterating the diversity of shops.  Air plant walls, a low maintenance, ever changing tapestry soften large wall expanses.  A Starbarks Dog Bar will welcome canine friends while their owners share a cup of coffee.

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