Rationale for Healing Gardens

Education, research, and evaluations are necessary tools for balancing human needs with those of nature. SPROUT offers resources to inform and facilitate the design process with our clients.

The goal of this presentation is to place Healing Gardens into the bigger picture of Healthcare Design: The whole site and the way it operates, the way it contributes to the environment of care and its potential to heal.

A healthcare project has a very unique culture that a designer needs to understand:

At the center should be the patient, the person we are designing for who has unique needs.
Healthcare administrators have a very different mindset and perspective than patients and designers; they live with life and death decisions in an industry that is controlled by accountants and insurance companies.
Clinical Staff deals with the day to day stress of patient care and develops a certain way of doing things – each healthcare facility has a unique culture.
The design team should work together to consider the whole site, the building inside and out to create an optimal environment for healing and stress reduction.
A research team can offer invaluable insights on the best ways to accomplish design goals by looking at the effects of specific decision of the built project.
Contractors have the responsibility to present a calm face during a noisy and messy construction process.
Facilities departments should be involved early in the design to ensure long term maintenance, a facility that looks cared for shows that its patients will be cared for as well.
Support groups interface with the community and provide valuable programming opportunities.
Donors can fund specialty gardens, programming and maintenance.
This class examines how healing gardens and stress reducing site design fit into the overall healing environment of a healthcare facility.  The attendee will learn guidelines and terminology associated with designing for desired outcomes as well as connections between healthy environments and healthy populations.

1 hour

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