Considerations for Healthcare Site Development – Part 2

Education, research, and evaluations are necessary tools for balancing human needs with those of nature. SPROUT offers resources to inform and facilitate the design process with our clients.

Developing Healthcare Sites with desired outcomes and treatment protocols in mind

This course reviews scientific research on role of gardens in healthcare facilities.  Kirk Hamilton at Texas A & M University has defined two levels of evidence based practice.  Level One incorporates existing research into design hypotheses for healthcare projects.  Level Two carries out research to test that hypotheses and shares the resulting findings with the healthcare design community.

An evidence based environmental design model provided by Dr. Roger Ulrich from Texas A&M University for improving health outcomes includes facilitating a sense of control, encouraging exercise, exposure to nature and pleasant distractions and providing means for social support.  The inclusion of these concepts in gardens is demonstrated in examples from around the United States.

The course explores different types of Healing Gardens and how they work with different types of facilities. Examples of patient centered care as it effects healing gardens and site design are examined.  Different patient groups have specific desired outcomes: Palliative vs. rehabilitation; chronic vs. acute care; support group vs. individual.  Design considerations are explored for non-patient groups and desired outcomes: Waiting rooms and respite centers; intergenerational design.

Research activities are critical to evidence based design.  The course includes discussion on qualitative and quantitative research before design and after occupancy, including sources for information and examples of ongoing research activities.

Active and passive activities ensure that gardens become an integral part of the healthcare facility. Different funding vehicles are examined to facilitate garden design, construction and support.

One hour CEU Credit for Architects

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