Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden

Jupiter Medical Center
The idea for a healing garden began with the Director of the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center. She thought that if her patients could look at something other than blank walls, they would be more inclined to exercise. Through a program called Johnny Apple Seed, hospital staff and volunteers donated close to $20,000. Part of this seed money enabled the development of preliminary plans. The plans were mounted on a sign to request further funding for the garden. In 2002, Guy Fiske visited the hospital with his wife, Jacqueline, saw the sign and offered to fund the garden as a Valentine’s gift to her. She accepted. Through the Fiskes’ generosity, not only was the garden construction funded, but an escrow account was established for long term maintenance.

The goal of the Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden is to foster the physical, mental and spiritual restoration of patients, visitors and staff by distracting from the medical setting. A series of garden spaces connected by paths create a tranquil and sheltered environment. The garden can be seen from inside the Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Center exercise room and offers an alternative outdoor route between hospital units. Seating areas for visitors, patients and staff seamlessly incorporate elements that can be used in rehabilitation therapy.

The garden has several special features. The central focus is a calming pool of water that can be touched and provides a soothing sound. A sculpture of a pair of rising herons by a local artist provides a healing metaphor in the fountain. A transplanted 40’ live oak gives a sense of permanency as well as shade. A large arbor provides a sheltered meeting place and a shaded transition area from indoors.

Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden

Post Occupancy Evaluation of Jacqueline Fiske Healing Garden

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