Dreher Public Park

Dreher Park is a multi-use passive park, surrounded on three sides by diverse neighborhoods. A major component of the Park’s redesign was to revamp the Park’s water flow and flood control systems. Eight acres of inter-connecting lakes and retention ponds have been built to catch, hold, and drain storm water within this 113-acre urban regional park.

Roy-Fisher Associates, Inc. provided preliminary design, consensus building, construction documentation and construction administration. Collaboration with Arts in Public Places resulted in unique park features including massive earthen mounds, a playground honoring Florida’s Native Americans, incorporation of a 14’ biosculpture that aerates and filters water in one of the parks new retention ponds and unique project signage educates about restored wetland habitats and the unique cultural history of the park. Roy-Fisher Associates, Inc. worked with the City and its General Contractor, The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company, to consistently monitor the estimated cost of the project which was delivered ahead of schedule and within budget.

Dreher Park

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